CCNA-Idea of Frame Relay ::Part-1


What is Frame Relay?

Frame relay is a technology which work in layer 2 for switching packet by sharing users bandwidth. It’s using X.25 technology. Basically Frame relay used for WAN connection, to connect geographically separate located devices.

frame relay

We called frame relay devices as DTE device such as Computer,Data Terminal,Router, Bridge and other network devices.We use DCE such as converter managed by provider(ISP), devices to matching clock rate with DTE devices for communicate with another DTE devices of other end.

Virtual Circuit:Used in frame relay network to connect DTE devices using a circuit .There are two types of Virtual Circuit used in fame relay network.

1.PVCs– Permanent Virtual Circuits.For those connections which used for permanent.

2.SVCs– Switched Virtual Circuits set connection only when data need to send. not permanent.

DLCI– Data Link Connection Identifier. In frame relay network DTE devices identified by DLCI numbers.Used in frame relay Interface to communicate different virtual circuits.It’s use Inverse ARP similar to ARP but it MAP a DLCI to a IP address.

LMI– Local Management Interface- Used between your router and frame relay switch. Allow for passing information about  your network and virtual circuits.Three types of LMI use can use. a) Cisco b)ANSI c) ITU-T(Q.933A). It’s depend on which type of media you using.









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