Concept of Local and Network-Based Printers


Local and Network-Based Printers


There are two general types of logical printers you can install on a Windows system.

  • Local printers are managed by and may be physically or wirelessly connected to the local computer. The local computer holds the print queue, which is the list of print jobs waiting to print.
  • Network-based printers are shared print devices that are managed by a remote computer, called a print server. The print server holds the print queue.



Figure: Local and network printers.

Network Printer Addresses

You specify a network printer by its network address. The network address can be either in the form of an IP address, a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path (for example, \\computername\printername), or an Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL) path, such as http://computername/printers/printername.

Network-Connected Printers


Network-connected printers have built-in network adapter cards and connect directly to a network cable or via a wireless network interface. Print jobs are sent over the network using a network protocol such as TCP/IP. Some network-connected printers have on-board print server software so they can be installed on the network directly and manage the print queue without requiring a separate print server computer.



Figure: Network-connected printers.

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