Create USB Bootable Flash Drive For MS Windows


WiNToBootic is freeware software.You can easy creation of bootable Windows usb flash disk from an ISO image, CD/DVD. WiNToBooticis focused on creation of boot disks based on Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7,Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

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Select your usb flash drive (for create bootable usb flash drive)


Select checkbox for Quick Format (for formatting usb flash drive) and choose ISO file from any source or choose bootable CD/DVD.Then click Do it 


When you click Do it you see a confirm message and click ok


Again you see a confirm message for formatting usb flash drive and click ok


Now formatting your usb flash drive 


Now creating bootable usb flash drive 


after finish create bootable usb flash drive and click thanks 


Now ready your usb flash drive booting Microsoft Windows in your pc

——————— Thanks Everyone


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  1. Mohammad Sayeed
    Mohammad Sayeed on

    Is there any easy way or any software that can help to install WIN XP in the computer via a USB FLASH DRIVE?
    please I need a solution for making Bootable pendrive to install WIN XP in netbook.

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