Description of Cisco Router – “Show commands” – Part-1


Description of Cisco Router Show commands

Show commands:-

SHOW INTERFACE SERIAL 0 ;shows the serial 0 configuration.

SHOW INTERFACES ;displays statistics for all interfaces configured on the switch.

SHOW PROCESS ;displays a router’s CPU utilization.

SHOW HISTORY ;shows last ten commands used.

SHOW CONFIG ; displays information on the startup configuration.

SHOW VERSION ; displays information about the system hadware (RAM/ROM),software version,names of configuration files,and boot-images.This command will also show the current configuration register value.

SHOW RUNNING– CONFIGURATION ;used in privileged exec mode,this command displays the switch’s active configuration file,passwords,system name,and interface settings.

SHOW IP ;shows the current IP configuration.

SHOW IP PROTOCOL ;displays values associated with routing timers and network information associated with the entire router.

SHOW IP INTERFACE ;displays information on the IP interface and access lists.

SHOW CDF NEIGHBORS ; displays information about the devices and their associated networks directly connected to the local device.Information displayed :device identifiers,address lists,port identifiers,capabilities,and platforms.

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