How to Enable Remote Desktop Support ……


Procedure : Enable Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support

To configure a computer to permit you to remotely administer it:

1.   Right-click Computer and choose Properties.

2.   From the left pane, click Remote settings.

3.  Select the Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure) option.

4.  By default, all members of the local Administrators group can connect to a computer on which you have enabled Remote Assistance. If you want to permit other users to remotely administer the computer, click Select Users.

5.  Click Add, and enter the names of the user(s) you want to remotely administer the computer. Click OK twice to save your changes.

6.  Click OK to close the System dialog box.

Procedure : Troubleshoot a User’s Computer with Remote Desktop

To use Remote Assistance to troubleshoot a user’s computer:

1.   On your computer, choose StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesRemote Desktop Connection.

2.   In the Computer text box, type the name of the remote computer you want to troubleshoot and then click Connect.

3.   When prompted, enter a valid user name and password for the remote computer. When you establish the connection to the remote computer, Windows automatically switches to the computer locked screen at that system to prevent the remote user from interfering with the troubleshooting steps you perform.

4.  Perform any necessary diagnostics and troubleshooting using the desktop displayed. You can work as if you were seated at the remote computer.

5.  When you are done, make sure you log off from the remote computer. Then, disconnect or shut down the Remote Desktop application.

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