How To Factory Reset Your Windows Phone


Dear viewers,While we do explore our windows phone we often need to reset it also. But resetting your phone will return it to the factory settings. Which means you are going to lose all of your personal data, text messages, images, call history, music and apps you’ve downloaded. So please be-sure about your decision to reset your windows phone before performing the same. Please take back up of all your data content inside your windows phone.


You may need to reset your windows phone for various reasons. You might want to replace it, or you might have some problem with it, performing a reset might solve the issue.


Here are the steps to follow

  • Go to the App list, then find and open Settings
  • In the System section of this menu, open About. You can find the same at the bottom of the list.
  • Then at the bottom of this screen you have opened, click on Reset your phone
  • Then you’ll receive two warning messages. If you are ok with them just proceed,
  • Click Yes and once again tap Yes

It will take a few minutes and your Windows Phone will reboot and be restored to its original factory settings.



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