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Dear viewers,Unless you enjoy “popping the hood” on your PC and getting to know its innards on a first-name basis, you probably have no clue what all is inside there. Sure, you know there’s a CPU, a motherboard, a hard drive, RAM sticks and a number of other components, but you probably don’t know many of the technical details.

Computer parts such as the ones listed above vary greatly in terms of speed, capacity, and software compatibility so it pays to have a handy reference just in case you ever need to call Tech Support or plan to install a new piece of software (or even upgrade to a new version of Windows).

If you’re curious about the “specs” of pretty much every major component inside your PC, a nifty little free program called Speccy will tell you without ever having to open the case! You can download the free version right here.

When you first load Speccy it will take a few seconds to analyze your system, then display a summary screen listing a bit of general info for the various components inside your computer (see the screenshot above). Clicking on the name of a component will give you a ton of detailed information about it (see the screenshot below).


Great stuff – Download Speccy now and enjoy!



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