How to create a banner on a Cisco Router


Banners :

You can set a banner on a Cisco router so that when either a user logs into the router or an administrator telnets into the router,for example,a banner will give them the information you want them to have .Another reason for having a banner is to add a security notice to users dialing into your internetwork.


There are four different banners available:

Router (config) # banner ?

LINE c banner –text c,where ‘c’ is a delimiting character exec set EXEC process creation banner

incoming Set incoming terminal line banner

login Set login banner

motd Set Message of the Day banner

The Message of the day is the most used and gives a message to every person dialing in or connecting to the router via Telnet,auxiliary port,or console port.

Router (config) # banner  motd  ?

LINE c banner –text c,where ‘c’ is a delimiting character

Router (config) # banner  motd  #

Enter TEXT message.End with the character ‘#’.

Sized to be in network,then you must disconnect immediately.#

Router (config)#^Z

Router #

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