How to Create Account and Set Password in Windows 8 …!!


Create Account and Set Password in Windows 8

1. Press Windows+W to open the handy Settings search pane.

2. Type users and then click Users in the search results. The PC Settings app shows up and courteously displays the Users tab for you.

3. Click Add a user. This launches the Add a User screen.

4. Click Sign in without a Microsoft account.

5. Click Local account.

6.Use the User name text box to enter a name for the user.

7. Use the Password text box to type the password for the user

8.Use the Reenter password text box to type the password once again. If you’re not sure if you typed the password exactly the same, click      and hold the Display Characters icon, which displays your characters. Release the mouse button to restore the security dots.

9. Use the Password hint text box to enter a password hint. This word or phrase is accessible in the sign-on screen and is visible to all; therefore, make the hint as vague as possible while still being useful to you if you forget your password.

10. Click Next. Windows 8 creates the new account.
11. If you’re setting up an account for one of your kids, consider activating the Is this a child’s account? check box. This will save you        a step down the road when you set up Family Safety for your kids.
12. Click Finish.

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