How to disable Auto Play/Auto run of USB drives in windows 7


AutoPlay feature lets you choose which action or program to use automatically for different kinds of digital media when connected, such as music CDs or pictures from your digital camera or Pen drive.

When you turn AutoPlay on, you can choose what should happen when you insert different types of digital media into your computer. For example, you can choose which digital media player is used to play CDs.

When AutoPlay is turned off, you are no longer prompted by AutoPlay to choose what you want to do when you insert digital media into your computer.

To turn off auto play do the following :

  • Press Start > Run or press windows+R button to see the run prompt.
  • Type gpedit.msc & press enter or click OK.

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  • Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > AutoPlay Policies.

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  • Select Turn off AutoPlay option & right click select Edit.


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  • Select Enable, from the options tab select All Drives & then click Apply & OK.


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