How to do you learn Proxy Setting?



You are considering implementing a proxy server for HTTP and one for FTP on your local network. You would like to understand how to configure proxy settings so that the clients’ web browsers are aware of the proxy on both local and dial-up connections.

1. What You Do

     In Internet Explorer, open the Connections settings.

    How You Do It

a. Choose StartAll ProgramsInternet

b. Choose ToolsInternet Options.

c. Select the Connections tab.

2. What You Do

     Examine the LAN proxy settings.

     How You Do It

a. Click LAN settings.

b. In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog box, in the Automatic configuration section, check the Use a proxy

server for your LAN check box.

c. You can now enter a single proxy address. Click Advanced.

d. The Proxy Settings dialog box enables you to configure separate proxies. Click Cancel twice.

3.What You Do

    Set up an FTP proxy server.

    How You Do It

a. Verify that Broadband Connection is selected and click Settings.

b. In the Broadband Connection settings dialog box, check the Use a proxy server for this connection check box.

Proxy Server

c. In the Proxy server section, click Advanced.

d. In the Proxy Settings dialog box, in the Proxy address to use column, in the FTP text box, click and type ftp-proxy.classnet

e. In the Port column, next to the FTP text box, type 8080

f.  Click OK three times to save the settings.

g. Close Internet Explorer.


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