How to Laptops and Portable Computing Devices Modify a Power Plan


Procedure: Modify a Power Plan

To select and modify a power scheme:


1.      In Windows 7, in the Control Panel, click the System and Security link. Click the Power Options link to display the Power Options window.

2.      In Windows XP, in the Control Panel, click the Power Options link to display the Power Options dialog box.

3.      Select a plan or scheme.

You can choose from various power plans. Laptops may have more plans available than desktops, and the naming scheme on Windows 7 and Windows XP may vary. There will most likely be at least three basic plans:

  • Balanced. This option provides a balanced optimal plan that does not compromise on both energy and performance.
  • Power saver. This is the most energy-efficient plan. Performance is low in this plan.
  • High performance. This option suits users who prefer high performance. However, this is the least energy-efficient plan of all three.

4.      You can modify each of these power plans to suit your needs.

 In Windows XP, modify the settings for the scheme directly in the property sheet.

 In Windows 7, click the Change plan settings link to the right of the plan name.

 The Change settings for the plan page opens. Select the duration of time for which the display should be on and the duration after which the computer should sleep using the Turn off the display and the Put the computer to sleep drop- down lists, respectively.

5.      Click Save changes to save your changes.

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