Idea of “NO (Disables Cisco IOS features)” …


Disables Cisco IOS features

NO (Disables Cisco IOS features)

NO CDP RUN ;a global command that disables CDP at the device level and prevents other non-CDP capable devices from getting information about your device.

NO CDP ENABLE ;disables CDP on a given interface.

NO IP ADRESS (resets the IP address  for that device).

NO DEFAULT-GATEWAY (resets the default gateway IP address).

NO DEBUG ALL or UNDEBUG ALL ;turns off all debugging.

NO IP ACCESS-GROUP ;removes an Access list from an interface.

NO ACCESS-LIST ; removes an Access list from the router.

NO IP-ROUTE CACHE ;disables fast-switching for IP on an Ethernet interface.

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  1. sorfuddin ahmad
    sorfuddin ahmad on

    Really i don’t know how to disable cisco iso features but now i gather some tips from your sharing post… So thanks

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