Idea of Basic Cisco router commands


Basic cisco router commands:

Use the command show history to see the last 10 commands entered on the router.

Router #sh  history

We will now use the show terminal command to verify the terminal history size.

Router #sh   terminal

Line 0, Location:””,Type:””

[Output cut]

History is enabled, history size is 10.

Full user help is disabled


The command terminal history size, used from privileged mode, can change the size of the history buffer.

Router #terminal   history   size?

<0-256>Size of history buffer

Router # terminal history  size  25

Gathering Basic Routing Information

The command show version will provide basic configuration for the system hardware as well as the software version, the names and sources of configuration files, and the boot images.

Router # sh   version

Cisco internetwork operating system software

IOS ™ 2500 software (C2500-JS-L), Version 12.0(8),


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