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The Print Spooler


The print spooler is the Windows system component that manages the entire printing process. Individual components of the print spooler locate and load the correct print driver, write the print job to disk, schedule the job for printing, and transfer the job to the print device. The print spooler is an executable file that runs automatically when the system starts up.



Figure: The print spooler

Components of the Print Spooler

The print spooler consists of several individual software components.

Print Spooler Component and Function

Graphics Device Interface (GDI): Provides the communications interface between an application and the Windows printing system. Either spools the print job as an Enhanced Metafile (EMF) or works with the print driver to render the job.

Print provider: Manages communication between the computer and the print device.

Print router: Determines the correct print provider for the target print device.

Print processor: Ensures that a print job has been fully rendered.

Separator page processor: Creates a page of printer control codes that can be sent to the printer ahead of the print job. Separator pages can send instructions to the printer and also create banner pages that print between print jobs.

Port monitor: Transfers data between the computer and the printer.

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