Idea of “The IEEE standardized protocol”-Part-2


BECN:- backward explicit congestion notification. The bit in the Frame Relay header that signals to anything receiving the frame (switches and DTEs) that congestion is occurring in the opposite (backward) direction from the frame. Switches and DTEs can react by slowing the rate at which data is sent in that direction.

Blocking state:- A Spanning Tree protocol port state in which the bridge or switch does not process any frames (input or output) on the interface, with the exception of STP messages.

Boolean AND:-  A math operation performed on a pair of one-digit binary numbers. The result is another one-digit binary number.1 AND 1 yields 1; all other combinations yield 0.

BRI:-  Basic Rate Interface. An ISDN interface composed of two bearer (B) channels and one data (D) channel for circuit-switched communication of voice, video, and data.

bridge ID:-  An 8- byte value, defined for use by Spanning Tree Protocol;, that represents a bridge or switch. The first 2 bytes consist of a priority value, and the last 6 bytes typically consist of a MAC address on the bridge or switch.

broadcast address:-  An IP address in each subnet is considered the broadcast address for that subnet. It is the highest numerical value in the range of numbers for the subnet. The broadcast address cannot be assigned as an IP address to a computer. Packets sent to this address are delivered to all hosts in the subnet.

broadcast domain:-  A set of all devices that receive broadcast frames originating from any device in the set. Devices in the same VLAN are in the same broadcast domain.

broadcast subnet:-  When sub netting a Class A<B<or C network, two subnet numbers are “discouraged” from use; one of these two subnets is the broadcast subnet. It is the subnet number for which the subnet bits all have a value of binary 1.

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