How to keep your laptop’s keys from fading


The typical computer keyboard uses dozens of black keys labeled with white letters, numbers and symbols. Over time these labels fade out and eventually disappear as they are touched and pressed numerous times.

For touch typists, fading keys are no big deal, but for the countless “hunt-and-peck” typists in the world it’s a big deal indeed. In fact, it’s a bit like turning off the lights and typing in the dark. 

If your PC uses an external keyboard you don’t really have to worry about fading keys. When they have faded enough for typing to become a real hassle, you can simply replace the keyboard with a new one for as little as $10.

Dear viewers, if you own a laptop, that’s an altogether different story. You won’t be able to just unplug the keyboard and plug in a new one without losing the portability that you bought the laptop for in the first place.

You can protect your laptop’s keys from fading by covering them with small pieces of clear cellophane tape that have been carefully trimmed to fit. Just make sure the key tops are clean before applying the tape to make sure it sticks well.

If you have a laptop with keys that have already faded into oblivion, all is not lost. You still have several options:

1 – You can purchase and apply a set of glowing keyboard stickers.

2 – You can make the keyboard “hunt and peck” friendly once again by using a light-colored nail polish to re-label the keys.

3 – And if all else fails, you can always turn your laptop into a desktop PC by plugging in an external USB keyboard.



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