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A network adapter card is a hardware device that installs in a PC and provides an interface from a PC to the transmission medium. Most PC network, including Ethernet and Token Ring Network, use network adapter cards. The network adapter card is thus an essential part of networking,and an understanding of network adapter cards is crucial for any network professional. The network adapter card and its accompanying software and firmware perform several roles.

Network Adapter cards

Microsoft identifies the following roles for the network adapter card:

1. Preparing data for the transmission medium

2. Sending data

3. Controlling the flow of data from the PC to the transmission medium

Transmission Medium

1. Transmission Medium is the network component over which the message is  transmitted

2. Determines how fast is the network

3. determines the speed at which the network words

Network Cabling

There are three different cable used for Connecting most network are classified in to:

1. Coaxial Cable

2. Twisted pair Cable

3. Fiber – optics Cable

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