How To Rename Program Icon…!!!


Program Icon pic

Get surprised! Yes here is the trick to rename program icon in menu. All you need is third party file manager.

Here are steps:-

1) Go to phone’s menu. Now move the program icon to the top left corner of phone screen that you want to rename.

2) Open file manager go to c: or e:/ system/apps and rename any program’s folder. Now quickly go to phone’s menu and point the cursor to any folder(except program) and press option before phone refreshes itself. You will notice there is option called “Rename”.

3) After phone refreshes itself, you’ll notice that phone’s cursor points to 1st program in background without affecting menu in foreground. * Click rename to rename with desired name. Now you have renamed app in menu

4) In this way you can rename any program including default app.

 Note: Don’t forget to rename program folder to its original name in c or e/system/apps/.

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