Set Priorities Between Your Multiple Internet Connections


Using multiple internet connections is not a big thing anymore. Those days are gone when people were depending on a single internet connection. We have now 4G also with us. So with all these connections like 3G, 4G and WiFi now we have our preferences. Have WiFi when we are working in office, at home we normally we use 3G, 4G or WiFi. When we have got multiple connections in one place we may possess our choice like if all three are available then we prefer WiFi first, if WiFi unavailable then goes with 4G and then 3G. Is it really possible? …. Yes we can put a priority on all these connections as per our choice.

Following easy step by step procedure with screenshot can lead to your goal;

Open Network Connections through the Control Panel (Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings). You can use a shortcut method also to reach that position. Go to RUN and then type ncpa.cpl, press enter. It will bring you on theNetwork Connections window.


Press ALT key for making the Classic menu bar visible on top.

Network connections

Choose Advanced and then Advanced Settings
In this new window you can see all of your existing network connections order by default.

Advanced Settings

You can change the sequence by selecting the desired connection and then the green arrow at your right side up or down.

Clicking the arrow brings up your selected network on top and vice versa.

You are done. From now on your Network Connections will react as you define them.



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