Simple idea of SAN and NAS ….!!!!!


Idea of SAN and NAS

SAN (Storage Area Network) :


To the technologies you see for increasing the drive space on workstations, many companies now implement technologies such as storage area networks (SANs). A SAN is a Fibre Channel network designed to attach storage devices such as drive arrays and tape libraries to servers. The advantage to a SAN is that you can easily move its storage from one server to another. In addition, you can configure a server to boot from a SAN, which means that if the server fails, you can quickly configure another server to use the SAN and thus replace the failed server.

NAS (Network-Attached Storage) :  


In contrast to SANs, network-attached storage (NAS) refers to storage devices that are dedicated storage servers. These devices enable users to access their data even when other servers are down. The drawback to NAS devices is that their performance depends on the speed of and traffic on your existing network.

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