Specific Interactive Whiteboard Issues …!!


There are a few common problems that users may have when using an interactive whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboard Issues

Problem – 1:

The whiteboard is not displaying the computer’s desktop.


  • Verify that the projector is connected, properly configured, and powered on.
  • Verify that the computer is configured to utilize the connected projector.

Problem – 2:

The stylus device or finger movements are not updating on the display.


  • Check that the USB connection is secure, or that the wireless Bluetooth connection is not blocked.
  • Verify the devices have power. Make sure the cords are secure.
  • Verify that the correct device driver has been installed on the host computer. You may need to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or website.
  • Verify that the whiteboard has been calibrated. Some manufacturers require that an initial calibration be completed before the board can be used.
  • Do a physical inspection of the board and make sure that there are no dents or cracks that could cause updating issues with the stylus.

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