How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Windows – Use Event Viewer for Troubleshooting Windows 7


Use Event Viewer for Troubleshooting Windows 7

Event Viewer

To use Event Viewer to diagnose and troubleshoot Windows:

1.      Open Computer Management.

2.      Select Event Viewer.

3.      Select each log and examine it for errors.

4.     If necessary, you can filter the events in the log to help you identify the cause of the problem. To do so, open the log and then choose ViewSort By. Make the appropriate selections to sort the log. Criteria on which you can sort include:

  • The type of message (information, warning, error, success audit, or failure audit).
  • The source of the message.
  • Category of the message.
  • The event ID, an identifying number for the type of event.
  • The user who generated the event (if applicable).
  • The name of the computer where the event occurred.
  • A text description of the event.

Tips: You can also sort the event view in Windows XP using the same criteria but with slight variations.

5.   If you are unsure as to the cause of an error message, try researching the message in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at

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