What is MAC Address and why?


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After long time today  i am going to talk about the most important thing of computer as well as computer networking related hardware……yes that is MAC address. So lets know what is MAC address. MAC = Media access control. At computer there are a LAN (Local Area connection) card or NIC ( Network Interface Card ). And every LAN / NIC has a number. And it is a unique number. There is no duplication of this number. And when we communicate with computer by networking, by this number another PC can identify each other.

Mac address is the address of OSI model 2nd layer. There is data link layer at OSI model. And there are also 2 types of layer will create at data link layer .

1) Media access control layer

2) Logical link control layer (LLC).

How data will send at a network will permitted by MAC sub layer and controlled also.

Mac address will provided from hardware manufacturer company. When it is manufacturer from factory it will burn to the device and that’s why it is called burn address also. Sometimes it can be changed by third party software. Such kind of 2nd layer technology like Ethernet, token, 802.11, Bluetooth, FDDI, ATM, SCSI, and Fiber Channel also use the MAC address also.

A MAC address is 48 byte. It means there are 281474976710656(approximate) MAC address. Example of mac address: 00-0c-f1-56-98-ad.

Often we think that only broadband connection has a mac address. but it is not true, wi-fi network has also has it.

How to trace out mac address: run….cmd…ipconfig /all.somebody thinks that computer tracked by IP address. It is not true. You can hide your system from hacker by changing MAC, but not from ISP.


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