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Troubleshooting Tips


There are some basic troubleshooting steps you will want to take almost every time you face a device problem, especially in Windows. So gathering your troubleshooting knowledge…………………

1) Use common sense :

Some solutions are very obvious if you examine the equipment. For example, a cable might be loose or disconnected. Be sure to look for these obvious problems before delving too deeply into troubleshooting mode.

2) Check the physical connections :

This might involve making sure the device is plugged in and connected to the computer, that it is connected to the right port, that an adapter card is fully seated in the slot, and so forth.

3) Check the adapter to which the device is connected :

If you are having trouble with a device, it might not be a fault in the device. It might be a problem with the adapter or the adapter card to which it is connected. Be sure to troubleshoot the entire interface including the card, port, cable, and device.

4) Check Device Manager :

An exclamation point ( ! ) or X in red or yellow over a device indicates there is a problem. The Properties sheet of devices has a Device Status box that indicates whether the device is working properly. This box also contains a Troubleshoot button that accesses topics in the Help and Support Center.

5) Use the Help and Support Center :

This Windows utility can guide you through the things you should check when troubleshooting a particular device problem.

6) Check for a number of causes :

Many times when you are troubleshooting a problem, you will find that there is more than one cause for the problem. In this case, you might need to combine several troubleshooting strategies to resolve the problem. Often you will need to reboot to test whether your attempt to fix the problem has actually worked. If it did, great! If it did not, just keep trying to work your way through the rest of the list of possible solutions. If none of the solutions work for your problem, ask a colleague for help. Sometimes that second set of eyes sees the solution that you do not.

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