15 Apps That Help in Android Programming


There are a lot of programs  compilers, IDEs, source code editors etc. that can be used when coding on computer. But, what do you do when it comes to coding for Android? Well, you can always do up the code using a computer. Or, you can work directly on your device. In the very least, a developer’s task is much easier if he can at least use programs that are suited to his work.

Multiple Language Programming: These are IDEs, source code editors etc. that can support more than one language. Some of these apps are capable of supporting over 40 languages alone, while others are suited for lesser, yet multiple languages. Dueter for example is an IDE that supports over 40 languages. On the other hand, Droid Edit is a source code editor that can handle coding in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and SQL.

1. DeuterIDE

2. Droid Edit

3. Code Peeker

4. Syntax Highlighted Code Editor

5. Java Code Viewer

Java/Android Programming: These apps hold support only for Java and Android programming. They are IDEs, editors and cheatsheets that can be employed by developers working in this arena. AIDE is one of the best in this segment. It is an app that lets you code directly on your Android device instead of having to use a computer. In addition, it is fully compatible with Eclipse, which allows you to transfer other projects from your computer to the app very easily.


7. JavaIDEdroid

8. Terminal IDE

9. Android Java Editor

10. Java Quick Reference Cards

C/C++ and C# Programming: These apps are compatible only with the C family of programming languages. They are compilers, IDEs and reference material apps that help a developer working with C, C++ or C#.

11. C4droid

12. C/C++ Compiler

13. C# to Go

14. C++ Programming Reference Free

15. C Programming Reference Free


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