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Software is the base of all innovation nowadays. Before an engineer or scientist starts off with real world development, there is always a software used for simulation. Moreover, software are also used in order to help during the development process and optimise productivity. Here are 49 free or free and open source software that would be interesting for electronics engineers.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA): EDA covers software that are used in order to design eletronic circuits such as printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and others.

1. ChipVault

2. Electric

3. FreePCB

4. Fritzing


6. GTKWave

7. Icarus Verilog

8. KiCad

9. KTechLab

10. Oregano

11. PCB

12. Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

13. SapWin

14. Sigrok

15. Verilator

16. XCircuit

Artificial Intelligence(AI): AI is one of the nist advanced topics related to electronics. It deals with the creation of intelligent machines, which will be able to think and work like humans with intelligence of their own.

1. OpenCog

2. AForge.NET

3. OpenCV

4. ROS (Robotic Operating System)

5. TREX 

Computer Aided Design (CAD): CAD refers to the use of computer software in order to create and optimise real world designs. These software are used in order to boost a designer’s productivity and reduce the time taken for the work.

1. Archimedes (CAD)

2. Art of Illusion

3. AutoQ3D Community

4. Blender


6. Calculix

7. CloudCompare

8. Code Aster

9. Elmer FEM solver

10. Embroidermodder

11. FreeCAD

12. HeeksCAD

13. LibreCAD

14. Magic

15. MeshLab

16. MoFEM JosePH


18. Open Cascade Technology

19. OpenSCAD

20. QCad

21. Salome

22. SolveSpace

23. Sunflow

24. Sweet Home 3D

25. Tachyon (software)

26. Wings 3D


28. Z88 FEM software


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