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Dear viewers,Well, leave it to Microsoft to get us used to using a feature in Windows, then take it away from us! That’s exactly what they’ve done with Windows 8 by removing the exceedingly useful “Start” button.

They seem to think all those pretty “tiles” wil make us forget about it, but not me. Do you agree? If so, a nifty free download calledClassic Shell will give you back your Start Menu and a whole lot more!

First, download Classic Shell from and install it. When a screen pops up asking which features to remove, select Classic Explorer and Classic IE9 since their newer counterparts in Windows 8 are superior.

After Classic Shell has been installed you’ll see your new “Start” button. The first time you click on it a configuration screen will pop up which will allow you to select a style to use. I suggest choosing the style you are already most comfortable with, which for most people is probably Windows Vista / Windows 7. After you’ve made your selection, Click “Yes” on the confirmation prompt and then “OK” to activate your selected style.

One final note: Now that your “Start” button is active, pressing the Alt key and the Skey at the same time (the Alt+S keyboard combination) will take you to the “Start Screen” (the screen with all those pretty tiles). Pressing the Alt key by itself will take you straight to the Desktop.

Congratulations! The guys and gals in Redmond might not like it but you now have a fully functional “Start” button in Windows 8!



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