Allowing other Outlook Mail Users to View your Calendar


You can allow other Outlook Mail users to view your Outlook Calendar (regardless of the version of Outlook they are using).  Make sure you are in your Calendar.


If you desire to do this, click the File tab in the Menu bar,1

then click Folder and then select Properties for “Calendar”….



The Calendar Properties menu screen at the top of the next page will appear.









You should be on the Permissions tab in the Calendar Properties menu screen.



To allow someone to view your calendar, click the Add button.






The Add U3sers menu screen (which you have used several times before in this tutorial),      will appear.


Type in the name of the person you desire to view your calendar in the Search area (top left  arrow).


Next, click on the name in the Name area.  It will turn blue.

Then click the Add button.


Finally, click the OK button.


The Calendar Properties menu screen will appear (similar to the image on the right).


You will see the name you entered highlighted in blue.


Below the Name you will see a Permissions area.  It is in the Permissions area that you allow the person you entered to view as much, or as little of your calendar as you desire.  You can see that you can give them very limited or complete access to your calendar.  You select the items that you desire (by clicking in the squares and circles).


Then click the OK button.





The person to whom you gave permission to view your calendar may now access your calendar,5

in their Outlook Mail account, by clicking File in their Menu Bar, then clicking Open and then selecting Other User’s Folder.



They will now see the Open Other User’s Folder menu screen. 6

They can either click the Name button and select your name from the Select Name menu screen (see Outlook 2007 Mail tutorial), or they can type your name in the area to the right of Name…







If they type in the person’s name, the Check Names menu screen will appear.

They should click the name they desire (it will turn blue), and click OK.









The person you allowed to view your Calendar will now see your calendar.

Their screen should look similar to the one on the right








Once the above process has been completed, the next time the person desires to see your calendar,

they will see a screen with your calendar available (similar to the image on the right).9

They can now place a check mark by your name, and your Calendar will appear. To remove your calendar from view,

they simply “uncheck” the box by your name.


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