How to Back Up Your Computer …..


Procedure : Back Up Your Computer

Back Up Computer

To back up your computer in Windows 7:

1.      Open the Backup and Restore dialog box.

2.      In the Backup section, click Set up backup.

3.      In the User Account Control message box, click Continue.

4.      On the Select where you want to save your backup page, select an option.

  • Select a local drive to save your backup.
  • Click the Save on a network button to save your backup on a network location.

5.      Click Next.

6.      On the What do you want to back up page, select Let me choose.

  • Let Windows choose (recommended) option lets you back up data files saved in libraries, the desktop, and in default Windows folders.
  • Let me choose option lets you select the libraries and folders of your choice.

7.      Click Next.

8.      Check the drives and folders you want to back up and click Next.

9.      Verify if the folders you selected appear in the Backup Summary section.

10.    Click Change schedule.

11.    On the How often do you want to back up page, set the frequency, the day, and the time at which the system should back up the folders and click OK.

12.    Click Save settings and run backup.

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