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Today we are discuss basic idea of Samba Server for Linux environment. I think this idea is very helpful our samba server concept development. So, gathering knowledge………………..


This document will walk you through setting up Samba on your Linux box. At this end of this document, you will have:

A) Set up Samba on your Linux box with public shares

B) Setup Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 clients to access the resources

This how to is not a replacement for the excellent documentation that comes with the Samba distribution! It is meant to help you get Samba up and running quickly, promise that you will read all the Samba documentation later.


My network at home consist of three computers, one Linux box and two Windows  boxes. My Linux box performs many tasks, one of which is serving files to my other computers via Samba. For the shake of clarify, I will give these boxes some names. My Linux box is called.

Homer :

The two windows boxes are called Mahi and Imran, respectively. They will all belong to the Simpsons workgroup. Homer’s IP address is,Mahi’s is,and Imran’s is I will be storing homework, bookmarks, and other personal documents on the share called data. This should be accessible from both win 1 and win2 (mapped to the M : drive).I also want a share for files that everyone can access; this will be on a share called public. This will be accessible from both win 1 and win 2 (mapped to the P: drive) and also be everyone with an account on homer. Finally homer will also be the primary DNS server for my network so that I don’t have to maintain hosts files on Mahi and Imran.


In writing this document,I will assume that you already have:

A) a basic understanding of what Samba is and why you want it

B) a working TCP/IP network

C) a working Linux box on which you will install Samba

D) the necessary packages to compile programs in Linux

E) some working Windows boxes waiting to access the shares

F) you don’t already have Samba running, if you do stop and remove it

Configuration plan

Now you must plan your Samba configuration. I will tell you about mine; some of it may apply to you as well. Homer is running Redhat Linux ,so I will be explaining how to install Samba the Redhat way (via RPM’s).If you are using another distribution you probably won’t be able to follow exactly what I do, so keep that in mind. Mahi and Imran are both running Windows ,not much should change if you Windows operating system. If you are running Windows NT the steps will be a bit different, but the concepts are the same. Since I only have three computers on the network and I’m not concerned about security in Samba. In fact,I  use a single account on both Mahi and Imran and I use Tweak UI to automatically login for me.

Getting Samba

As of this writing, the latest stable version of Samba .You will need the source distribution, it is called samba rpm, grab it from the Samba homepage (

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