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DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) allow network administrators to dynamically assign network setting to client that connect to the network. Running a DHCP server on your network can greatly reduce the overheads of a network administrator as it eliminates the need to configure network setting like DNS, gateway, and IP address on the client. All changes can be made on the DHCP server which will then propagate to the clients as and when the clients ‘renew’ their leases.

We will use the DHCP server to provide the following network information to the clients, as discussed in the Plan of Action:

1) Dynamic IP Addresses from the pool through

2) The IP of the DNS servers (

3) The IP of the gateway machine for network (

How DHCP works

The Protocol works something like this.

1) The client broadcasts ( ) a DHCPDISCOVER message on its local physical subnet.

2) The DHCP server responds with a broadcast DHCPOFFER message with the available network address and other configuration parameters as defined in the DHCP server options.

3) The client receives the message from the server.

4) The client broadcast a DHCPREQUEST message that inclueds the server identifier option set to the local DHCP server.

5) The server receives the DHCPREQUEST broadcast from the client and responds with a DHCPACK message containing the  configuration parameters for the requesting client.

6) Those who are inquisitive should read RFC1541 .

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