Basic Linux Command :: Part-1


Login: root

Password: ******

[root@tn1 root] # ls  –l |  more

Following command is for all the files including Hidden file.

[root@tn1 root] # ls   –a     -l


[root@tn1 root] # ls    -al

Q.How to change directory.

[ General command cd { directory}]

[root@tn1  root] #cd   /bin

[root@tn1  bin]#

Explanation : Here user shifted from root directory to bin directory.

Q. Go back to parent directory.

[root@tn1  root] #cd  ..

root@tn1  root #

Q. How to create a directory?

[General format #mkdir {new directory name }]

root@tn1  root #mkdir   training

Explanation : A sub directory named training has been created under root directory

Let us create a directory named training under home  directory

root@tn1  root #mkdir   /home/training

Q. How to remove a directory.

root@tn1  root #rmdir   training

root@tn1  root #rmdir   /home/training

Explanation: You need to have a empty directory or you have to execute the following command

[root@tn1  root] # rm    -r    /root/ training

[root@tn1  root] # rm   -r   /home/ training

Q. How to copy file?

[General format # cp   {source file}    {destination file}]

[root@tn1  root] #cp   /etc/passwd     sample_passwd

Explanation: Here we copy the passwd file from /etc directory to user’s working directory named by sample_passwd

Q.How will you display a line of text

#echo   “Wellcome to ISPSETUP.COM.BD”


Q. How to disconnected from terminal?


Explanation:You will be disconnected from the terminal and get login terminal.


Q. File compare.


Q. How will you get the history file?


Explanation:You will get the whole command that’s the previous administratorhas executed

Q. How will you eject removeable media

# eject

Q.How will you close removeable media

# eject   -t




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