Beware of facebook DOWNLOADER, a free app for downloading your Facebook pics to your PC


Dear viewers,If you ever receive an offer or recommendation to download a free Facebook app called fbDOWNLOADER, I strongly recommend taking a pass.

The “pitch” sounds so tempting: “Download all of your Facebook photos and albums directly to your PC at one time. Even download the ‘public’ pictures of your Facebook friends and other photos that you have been tagged in.

Sound like a great app, right? The pitch sounds so good in fact that a very well-known tech expert fell for it and recommended this app on her weekly radio show and on her website. 

Well, fbDOWNLOADER will indeed perform the tasks mentioned in the “pitch”, and perform them quite well. But it will also install malware on your system and hijack ALL of your installed web browsers (not just the one you used to install fbDOWNLOADER). Even worse, it will also post ads on your Facebook Timeline and try to entice your friends to install the app on their Facebook accounts as well.

The installer has check boxes where you can supposedly opt out of having your browser home page and default search provider changed, but these choices are typically ignored and your browsers are hijacked anyway. Not good!

If you want to see for yourself just how bad this app is, simply do a Google search for the term fbdownloader. You’ll see that the first entry in the search results will take you to their website where you can download the app. The rest of the entries on the first page of the search results will be for pages that explain how to remove it (trust me, it isn’t easy).

Long story short, ignore the hype and keep your PC and Facebook account secure by taking a pass on this “free” download. In my opinion, fb DOWNLOADER is bad news.



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