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Causes of decreased visitor blog – Hello bro, see you again we: D This time I will share an article about the causes of declining blog traffic  Google release a new pet that Panda 4.0, no doubt, after removing google algorithm this one many buddies bloggers are losing visitors drastically, even for blogspot users there are up to their blogs banned / deleted by Google. Blog one that has now been migrated to WordPress. But the greatest impact of losses after it released Panda 4.0 is a website in Europe. So then what is the cause of our blog visitor or visitors decreasing dramatically after Google algorithm updates. needs to know, google panda hate against whose name the duplicate-duplication, then it’s the greatest blog on the decline in traffic is web / blog with a niche following.


  1. Song Lyrics
  2. Download software, mp3, and games
  3. Prices such as the price of mobile phones, computers and other
  4. Tutorial blogging

Nice blog above will be affected, due to the niche blog certainly has descriptions and sentences are nearly identical. Well for those of you who have niche blogs that are not as above, but visitors to the blog continues to decline because there may be some things you should know. Example as follows.

  • Too many duplicate title tags and description
  • There are some who copy and paste your article even though it was only one paragraph
  • Planting unnatural backlink
  • Etc.

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So for you best blogger who never Copas and diligent checking webmaster tools, God willing, will be safe with this algorithm updates. Stay disciplined, calm, patient, and honest in managing a blog is the key to success in the world of Blogging. This article analyzes only if there is I only want to add please give your comments. thank you, may be useful


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