Common Application Errors in Microsoft Windows….


Application Errors

There are some common error messages that indicate problems with applications.

Application will not install

You are trying to install an application that needs to overwrite a file that is currently in use on the computer.

Application will not start or load

The application was installed incorrectly, a version conflict between the application and other applications on the computer exists, or your computer is experiencing memory access errors.

Application not found

One or more of the application files has been deleted, moved, or become corrupt.

General Protection Fault (GPF)

An application is accessing RAM that another application is using, or the application is attempting to access a memory address that does not exist.

Illegal operation

An application is attempting to perform an action that Windows does not permit. Windows forces the application to close.

Invalid working directory

The application cannot find the directory for storing its temporary files (typically \Temp). This can happen if you delete the folder that an application needs for storing its temporary files.

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