Concept of Network Technology


What is Workgroups ?


A workgroup is a Microsoft peer-to-peer network model that groups computers together for organizational purposes. The computers that make up a workgroup appear together when you browse the list of networked devices in either the Network folder or My Network Places. In addition, each computer in the workgroup maintains its own user account database. This means that if a user wants to log on at any computer within the workgroup, you must create an account for the user on each computer in the workgroup.


What is Directory Services?


A network directory, or directory service, is a centralized database that includes objects such a servers, clients, computers, user names, and passwords. The directory is stored on one or more servers and is available throughout the enterprise. The directory provides centralized administration and centralized authentication.


What is Active Directory Domains?


A domain is a Microsoft client/server network model that groups computers together for security and to centralize administration. Computers that are members of a domain have access to a shared central user account database, which means that an individual can use a single user account to log on at any computer within the domain. Administration is centralized because you need to create the user accounts only once in the domain, not on each computer. The centralized user account database is stored on specialized servers called domain controllers that run the Microsoft Active Directory® directory service. Like a workgroup, computers that are members of a domain appear together when you browse the network.


Effects of Domain Membership

To fully participate in the benefits of an Active Directory domain, client computers

must become members of the domain. Domain membership means:

  • The computer has a computer account object within the directory database.
  • Computer users can log on to the domain with domain user accounts.
  • The computer and its users are subject to centralized domain security, configuration, and policy settings.
  • Certain domain accounts automatically become members of local groups on the computer.



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