Create beautiful videos with music from your own photos, for free!


Have you seen some of the beautiful videos that people have created from their still pictures? The ones that feature perfectly themed music, eye-catching transitions and interesting special effects?

Well, thanks to a free service calledStupeflix, you can easily create your own videos from your own photographs, and even include maps, text and other items if you wish.

Stupeflix uses a simple web-based interface that lets you upload your photos, choose a theme, select your music and more, right from you own PC. It then does all the hard work of assembling the video for you, with the result being a fantastic video that you can download to your computer for free!

Click here to give Stupeflix a try. After clicking the Make a free video button, you’ll need to either create a free Stupeflix account (which I recommend) or sign in to the service using your Facebook or Google login credentials.


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