Create a laptop WiFi hot spot without any software !!!


Now a days, there are lots of software about using laptop as WiFi hot spot. But somehow, these software are not compatible with some wireless interface like mine and i believe there are also some people who faced the same problem. So i guess this tune will help you guys. So lets start…

open Control panel > Network and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network


select Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) network


then press Next, then you will get a window like below


set Network name “any name”

Security type    “WEP”

Security key      “set password”

if you want you can save your network.

then Next and it will create a connection and then Close.

now in you network quick lunch button you will see a network like this..


you laptop is ready for connect and don’t forget to make sure your network sharing is enable.

Local area connection > Properties > Sharing > Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection


This wireless network is only for computer to computer connection to share internet. Mobile could not be connected through this WiFi network.


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    This post is really helpful without software using WiFi connectivity. And we are waiting another creative post. A lot of thanks………………….

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