Create a User Account with Local Users and Groups


To create a user account with Local Users and Groups:

Local Users and Groups

1. Open Computer Management.

2. Under System Tools, expand Local Users and Groups and select the Users folder.

3. Choose ActionNew User, or right-click the Users folder and choose New User.

4. In the New User dialog box, enter the user name. This name uniquely identify the account.

5. If desired, enter a full name for the user. This is a descriptive name that can be longer than the user’s logon name. The full name will display on the Welcome Screen. If you do not enter a full name, the full name will be set to match the user name.

6. If desired, enter a description to be displayed next to the user account in Local Users and Groups.

7.If desired, enter and confirm a password for the user. Otherwise, the default password will be blank.

8.Select account options:

  • User must change password at next logon
  • User cannot change password
  • Password never expires
  • Account is disabled

9. Click Create, and then click Close.

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