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Another feature of Outlook Mail Calendar 2007 is the ability to invite others to a meeting you are scheduling.  You’ll have to check with your campus/business technology staff to determine if this is feasible.  In many places, if the staff does not maintain a personal Outlook calendar, this will not work, as you would not be able to “see” their “busy appointment times.”  We’ll go through the process, assuming that the persons selected maintain an Outlook Calendar.



We’ll show you the method we like best.  As you become familiar with Outlook Mail Calendar, you may discover a method you like better.  Click the Actions tab in the Menu Bar and then click New Meeting Request.


The Untitled – Meeting menu screen will appear (similar to the one below).  We have already selected several staff members to determine if the day and time we propose is available for them to meet – we’ll show you how we did this.  You can see from the image below that we have selected several people for a proposed meeting from 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Thursday,

3 May 2007.  The blue lines you see below indicate the times that these staff members are currently busy and could not attend a meeting.  We used an AutoPick Next button to select the time you see below between the green (Start) and red (End) lines for our meeting.  Now we’ll show you how we did this.



In the Untitled – Meeting menu screen we clicked the

Add Others button (see arrow above). When we clicked,


the Add from Address Book selection appeared.  We clicked on Add from Address Book.



When we clicked the Add from Address Book button, the Select Attendees


and Resources menu screen appeared.

In the Type Name or Select from List area we typed the name of a person

we are inviting to the meeting.

We then clicked on the Name of that person.

Next we selected Required (as this person is essential to our meeting).

We could also have selected Optional.

We repeated this selection process for the remainder of the staff we desired to invite.

When we completed our list we clicked the OK button.



When we clicked the OK button we were returned to the Untitled – Meeting menu screen in the middle of the last page (Page 11).  If you look back at the last page, you will see our four names and blue lines to the right of each name.  At the bottom of the Untitled – Meeting screen you will see that the color blue indicates the person is busy on some other appointment or task.


5Outlook Calendar 2007 has a nifty button which will assist you in finding “open” times for your group during which you can arrange a meeting.  At the bottom left of the Untitled – Meeting menu screen is the AutoPick Next >> button.  We clicked this button and a green and red “band” appeared on our calendar and found the first “open” time.




If you agree with this selection, you are ready to complete the scheduling by returning to the Appointment portion of the Untitled – Meeting menu screen.  If you are not satisfied with this selection, continue to click the Auto Pick button.



You will notice the AutoPick begins by assuming you desire a half hour meeting.  You can change this in two different ways.  You can place your cursor on the green or red lines (that outline the meeting), hold down the left mouse button and “drag” the line to expand the time.  From then on, Outlook Calendar 2007 will assume you desire the longer meeting time selected.


Or, at the bottom of the Untitled –Message screen you can use the Meeting start and end time areas to select a length for your meeting.



When you have everything just as you desire, click the Appointment button at the top of the Untitled – Meeting screen.  This will take you to the Untitled – Meeting menu screen where you will describe the meeting (as you did on Pages 4 -6). When you have completed this screen, Outlook Mail, will send an e-mail message to each of the participants asking if they desire to attend the meeting.  The completed screen will look similar to the one below.




Once you have completed everything, click the Send button at the top of the Meeting menu screen.


As soon as you click the Send button, each person you invited to the meeting will receive a message asking them to either Accept (attend the meeting), Decline (unable to make the meeting) or to accept Tentatively (maybe can make the meeting).   Their incoming message will look similar to the one below.


If they accept your invitation, their Outlook Calendar will automatically post this meeting to the Calendar.  If they reject the meeting Outlook Calendar will not post the meeting.  If they accept tentatively, outlook calendar will post the meeting with tentative colors. You will receive an Outlook message indicating the response of each person invited to the meeting.




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