Creating Bootable OS (Windows/Linux) Using Universal USB Installer with a Pendrive


The days are gone were we had to burn an operating system on a CD and use it for our purpose. Now a days you can create a bootable operating system with an ease and carry it around in our pocket on a small device (pendrive) which you use to transfer or keep your valuables in, for this we need an at least 2GB pendrive and we need to download the software Universal USB Installer to make all this happen in minutes; it can be downloaded from (

Following the few step below we can create a bootable Pendrive:

1. Download and install the software from the link provided.

2. Select the desired OS from the list:


3. Browse and open the downloaded .iso file from the appropriate directory:



4. Choose the USB drive and click create:


The software supports most of the Linux OS and from Windows platform it supports Windows Vista, 7 & 8.

And ofcourse to do all this you need a laptop/desktop. 😛

Good day everyone.



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