How to cut your iPhone’s data usage with a simple settings change


Dear Viewers, A new feature introduced with iOS 7 makes it easier to conserve your iPhone’s monthly data allotment. You can now tell iOS which apps are allowed to use cellular data and which ones must wait until you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

As you probably know, data that’s sent and received via Wi-Fi doesn’t count against your monthly data allotment, so using as many apps as possible only when you’re connected via Wi-Fi can save you a bundle on monthly data overage charges.

It’s easy to tell iOS which apps you want to restrict to using Wi-Fi only. Here’s how:

1 – Tap Settings.

2 – Tap Cellular.

3 – Disable Cellular data usage for every app that you want to ban from using a cellular connection.

That’s all there is to it. Just remember that any app that is restricted to Wi-Fi only will NEVER be able to use a cellular connection for any reason as long as this setting is active. You can always easily reverse the selection however and allow any app to resume using cellular data if the need to do so arises.


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