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Dear viewers,Creating online accounts in order to take advantage of services on offer is all well and good but what to do when a particular account is no longer needed or wanted. Some sites/services make it very easy to delete a redundant account, others put users through the hoops, and some make it darn near impossible. Thankfully, there are several online services which can help with the chore of deleting unwanted accounts.

3 Resources for Deleting Unwanted Online Accounts


We’ve mentioned a couple of these services previously here at DCT, AccountKiller is one of the better known…


Delete Your Account

Another is Delete Your Account:

delete your account

I’ve recently come across another useful resource to add to the list, called



just delete me provides direct links to cancellation pages where available… surprisingly, Facebook is one the easiest accounts to delete:

facebook - delete account

… and provides additional information for those sites or services which don’t afford direct cancellation facilities, or overly confuse the process… such as Skype:

skype - delete acount




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