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Device Drivers

A device driver is a type of software that enables the operating system and a peripheral device to communicate with each other. Also referred to as simply a driver, a device driver takes generalized commands from the system software or an application and translates them into unique programming commands that the device can understand. It also provides the code that allows the device to function with the operating system, and it is generally installed as part of the installation process for a new piece of hardware. Device drivers can be generic for a class of device or specific to a particular device.

Device Drivers

Figure : Device drivers.

Where to Get Device Drivers

Device drivers can be:

  • Included with the operating system. New operating systems include thousands of drivers that allow them to work with all current, popular devices. Peripherals that are designed after the operating system comes out must supply their own drivers.
  • Supplied with the device on a CD-ROM when you purchase the hardware.
  • Downloaded from the Internet from Windows Update or the hardware manufacturer’s website.

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