Editing and Help Features of Cisco Router


Editing and Help Features

You can use the Cisco advanced editing features to help you configure your router. By using a question mark (?) at any prompt, you can see the list of commands available from the prompt.

Router # ?

EXEC commands:

access –enable          Create a temporary Access –List entry

access-profile             Apply user to interface

access-template        Create a temporary Access –List entry


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At this point, you can press the spacebar to get another page of information, or you can press return to go one command at a time. You can also press any other key to quit and return to the prompt.

To find command that start with a certain letter, use the letter and the question mark (?) with no space between them.

Router # c?

Clear clock configure connect copy

Enhanced Editing Commands

Command Meaning
Ctrl +A

Ctrl +E


Ctrl +F

Esc +F

Ctrl +D


Ctrl +R

Ctrl +U

Ctrl +W

Ctrl +Z


Moves your cursor to the beginning of the line

Moves your cursor to the end of the line

Moves back one word

Moves forward one character

Moves forward one word

Deletes a single character

Deletes a single character

Redisplays a line

Erases a line

Erases a word

Ends configuration mode and returns to EXEC

Finishes typing a command for you


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