Freely available electronic circuit simulators


Electronic circuit simulators are usually available under the free software license from various platforms. These tools replicate the working of an actual circuit and hence electronic device, on the computer. They use mathematical models for the same. As a result, circuit simulators can be invaluable analysis tools for engineers. Here are some of the top freely available electronic circuit simulators.

Analog Electronic Circuit Simulators: These tools simulate analog circuits on your system. You can use them for their analysis.

1. Electric

2. gpsim


4. Oregano

Digital Electronics: These tools are for digital electronic circuits. These tools are invaluable when you need to analyse digital circuits.

1. KTechLab

2. Deeds

3. Hades

4. Logisim

Mixed: These tools can be used for both digital and analog circuits. They can simulate both kinds of circuits on your system.

1. GNU Circuit Analysis Package

2. Ngspice

3. Quite Universal Circuit Simulator 



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