Going on vacation? Take a cheap pre-paid phone and leave your smart phone at home.


Dear viewers,Everyone deserves a nice vacation every now and then, but if you’re like me you’d rather not have to deal with some of the headaches that can arise while you’re enjoying a short break from everyday life.

These days one of the most common vacation headaches is having an expensive smart phone stolen, lost or damaged while you’re splashing around in the surf or checking out the shops of your favorite resort town.

Replacing a damaged smart phone is a big enough hassle in itself, but even worse is having to deal with the aftermath of losing one altogether or having it get stolen. 

If a thief gets his hands on your phone, he could also potentially gain access to many facets of your personal life, your financial accounts and even your very identity! That’s why taking your smart phone with you when you go on vacation is very bad idea.

Leaving your phone at home doesn’t mean you have to go without communicating or using the Internet however. You can always head to your nearest big box store or electronics retailer and pick up a cheap prepaid phone to use while you’re away.

Depending on the brand and/or carrier, you can buy a dirt cheap prepaid cell phone paired with a card that comes with enough talk minutes, SMS texts and data transfer on it to last through even an extended vacation for as little as $30 or so. And if you like to talk, text and/or use the Internet a LOT, you can double that amount and get a month’s worth of unlimited talk, texting and Internet usage!

Of course we’re talking adding anywhere from $30-$60 per person to the total cost of your vacation, but you’ll be able to enjoy your time away from home without having to worry about jumping into the ocean with your expensive smart phone in your pocket or having the hotel cleaning lady steal your phone and take over your identity, and possibly ruin your entire financial life.

Bottom line: Spending a few extra dollars on a pre-paid phone can bring you peace of mind while you’re away on vacation. Just make sure you do your homework ahead of time to make sure your phone will work once you get to your destination.


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