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What is Google Analytics :

One of many Google products is an analytical tool Analytics. This service is free and is very popular because it is able to clear the form to provide quality data on our website and in particular about its visitors and how to this website.

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Analytics provides information mainly about how people come to our site, if directly, or via a link from the search engines. How to use it and what we can improve for better comfort of our visitors. All these information are very help to optimize the site and its return, ie that our best advertisements were targeted and used, it is necessary to know how well analyze incoming visitors and their behavior. In particular, it can achieve better conversions and more money.

Google Analytics – Bounce Rate

One of the important indicators provided statistics bounce rate. It is the percentage of single-page visits when the user leaves the site respectively. from the entire Web on entry to this page. Human, this means that the user left the site as soon as it came. He did not look at any other site, but returned straight back where he came to our site. This indicator tells you how good the visitor, respectively. how good he was content that the user got and what he sought. If the bounce rate is high, it means that the user did not find what he was looking for a particular keyword and therefore immediately left of the page. The bounce rate is smaller, approaching zero, our site is interesting, and the more users remained and began to read them and view or perform conversion. We can reduce the bounce rate of a site that will contain what is offered in advertisements or what to write in the title page and what keywords to optimize the site.

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