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At first Teletalk started there 3G service in Bangladesh only few district but after 6 month later All of mobile operator  try to coverage 3G network in our country all district. 29 September 2013 Bangladesh Telecommunication minister Shara kathun first opening GP 3.9G service. Few days ago Robi start there 3G service in BD.3G network in Bangladesh

What is 3G network : At first every body to know that what is 3G Network. 3G network mean 3rd generation network, it is one kinds of update technology. That can use communicate one another, upload and download file, picture, video, audio and others by high speed internet. Video calling with others and view real time video, TV any place any where.

3G network facility : we are get more facility in our information technology. here is write some important side of 3G network.

  • Same time able to do audio and video call.
  • We are heard high quality voice and quickly.
  • High speed internet any where.
  • High regulation audio and video share with your friends.
  • Quickly sent email, file, picture and any kinds of documents, than can save our time.
  • We are watch live TV program in any place.Grameen Phone (GP) Update

GrameenPhone (GP 3G) Offers / 3G Packages

@ Speed 512 Kbps
500MB = 50 BDT for 5 Days1GB
1GB = 400 BDT for 15 days
1GB = 450 TK for 30 days
2GB = 650 tk for 30 days
4GB = 900 tk for 30 days
5GB 950 tk for 30 days
@ Speed 800 Kbps
1GB = 500 tk for 30 days
5GB = 1000 tk for 30 days
@ Speed 1 Mbps
1GB = 600 tk for 15 days
2GB = 850 tk for 30 days
3GB = 1000 tk for 30 days
4GB = 1200 tk for 30 days
5GB = 1300 tk for 30 days
6GB = 1400 tk for 30 days

How to use 3G network : most of the people are think how to use 3G network in Bangladesh, because its the first time we are going to use 3G connection. They also tense what kinds of equipment need for 3G connection. details are update here.

  • Need 64k SIM than can supported 3G network, like as GP, Teletalk, Robi, Airtel and others.
  • Required 3G supported handset.
  • 3G package or 3G subscribe activation.

    Banglalink 3G Package

  • @ Speed 1 Mbps
    50MB= 50 tk for 15 days
    150MB= 150 tk for 15 days
    1.24GB = 500 tk for 30 days
    2.48GB = 850 tk for 30 days
    3.78GB = 1000 tk for 30 days
    4.96GB = 1150 tk for 30 days
    5.12GB = 1300 tk for 30 days
    10.24 GB = 2000 tk for 30 days

    How to change 3G network setting : Its simple and easy way to change you analog to 3G network. Just view and try to do.

    • At first going to phone setting option.
    • Select network or network mood.
    • Select dual network or 2G UMTS or 2G/3G mode.
    • And press OK button to Active.

      Robi 3G Package

    • @ Speed 512 Kbps
      200MB= 100 tk for 7 days
      @ Speed 1 Mbps
      1.5 GB = 350 tk for 30 days
      @ Speed 2 Mbps
      2GB = 800 tk for 30 days
      @ Speed 4 Mbps
      5.5GB = 1100 tk for 30 days

      3G network speed : That is the important information for everybody should be known. 3G speed depends not only your SIM operator but also depends on your handset.

      • Your handset processor speed.
      • Your operator user connection. like as how many connection same time in 1 tower or device.
      • Also depends your 3G package.3g-packages

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